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Social Media and Marketing are two different terms with their meaning poles apart. Who would have thought these two terms could be used together? but somehow it happened. Running a successful social media account is a constant commitment.

It’s a huge platform with billions of users and using it wisely can result in some fruitful outcomes. Dedication to all facets of your social media is the only way to ensure continuous growth and successful brand awareness. To overcome nuances and trends of today’s time, Social Media Marketing is being used which helps a business gain attention to create brand or firm through different social media platforms.


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Social Media Marketing



Post reach is the number of individual users who noticed your post. How far is your content spreading across social? Is it actually reaching the users feeds? Don't worry we got it all covered for you. In this dynamic world of social media, it's important to keep track of your views.


Sharing the post enables the chances of the post to be seen by number of potential customers and reach to the maximum number of people. It's better to dig deeper and find what people want when posting a post because they are the primary source of sharing the content on different platforms.

hashtag performance

Today Hashtags can change the whole fame on social media and to be that change, we will find the best suited hashtags for your business which will make your post unique and trendy.



Rebuilding is a critical part as Social Media Marketing is changing its pace like a supercar changes its speed. The social media pages are like the face of your brand and it should look intriguing and striking to be acknowledged by the viewers as the followers want to see something distinct every time they visit the page.


The cumulative number of social interactions divided by the number of impressions. Engagement is about seeing who interacted and also comparing it with total reach to find out where the ratio is on the positive side or not. This sheds light on how well your audience recognises you and their readiness to interact.


The number of likes will show how many of the views engaged to like your post and this will portray the viewers level of interest as well as the perception towards the post. The "likes" are critical towards understanding how many users move through the marketing funnel.



“I don’t want to go viral, I want to set hearts on fire.” – Coco J Ginger

Our team at Digital Marketing Australia have the same moto when it comes down to deliver the results to our customers. We’ll build your online presence for you and create a buzz to gain results yours business deserve and we at DMA focus on our customers needs and effectively initiate our marketing procedures and ideas to grab the best possible outcomes for their company or brand.